Plague Diary 2

The existential dread is real and some days you feel it more than others, especially when you have to leave your house to run some errand and find yourself in a crowded space where no one but you… Read More

Current Events 49: Picard 1×6

Join us as we talk about a thrilling and tragic episode of Picard, The Impossible Box.

Plague Diary: 1

There is no question, we are living through an event that will send tidal waves of change through our society. What isn’t known is what exactly will happen and what those changes will be. It occurred to me… Read More

Current Events Ep.48: Mandalorian 1×8

Join us as we enthuse — and I mean positively glow — about the season finale of The Mandalorian.

Hunters Season 1

Well, so… that happened. And I’m still sorting out the entire season, one that started so brilliantly and mysteriously then veered into comic book action, until collapsing in a heap for the most artificial surprise ending since an… Read More

Current Events: Picard 1×5 Stardust City

I found this to be one of the weaker episodes in an otherwise flawless series, probably because of my own loathing for Las Vegas and everything it represents, but we still had fun talking about it!

Train to Busan

So I decided to aleveate the boredom of sitting out a slow moving virus by watching a movie about a fast moving one. Right up front, I’ll tell you that I normally shy away from foreign language films… Read More