Happy 4th

I love this country. I lived overseas for three years way back in the 80s and I have never forgotten what it was like to be away from home or how happy I was to come back.

But here’s the other thing I learned: It is possible to love your country while at the same time realizing we have much work to do to make it better. Not again, just better.

Don’t fall for false dichotomies like “Love It Or Leave It”.

And really don’t fall for corrosive nostalgia that attempts to convince you we should go back to a time when things were better.

Instead, let’s hope we can move forward in making America better for all of us.

Current Events 63: Discovery 10

Despite Yourself. Uh… something’s wrong with Ash Tyler. Has anyone else noticed? Join us as we discuss the literal boatload of stuff that happened in this episode.

My Favorite SciFi Movies of the 80s

Actually, from the period 1978 to 1989, the sorta decade after Star Wars came out. I need to pick my top ten faves for a special podcast tomorrow night so I’m going to work out my thoughts here.

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Current Events 62: Discovery 1×9

Into Forest I Go. Lorca (that bastard) has a plan to defeat the Klingon cloaking device which requires Burnham & Ash to transport onto the Ship of the Dead for a soiree of violence. Join us as we talk about it.

Plague Diary 8: A Good Day To Cough Hard

The graph of new cases/deaths looks like a Wall St. wet dream, but we are opening back up. Why? Because the machine of capitalism thrives on blood. It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with science.

Probably the main driver in the reopen movement has been the Black Lives Matter protests. Those protests drove the pandemic from the headlines for two weeks until the media got bored with the lack of violence and then didn’t return to the pandemic because they were already bored with that.

With craven politicians like Gregg Abbott saying everything is fine just get back out there and the news not banging the drum that everything is in fact even worse than it was in April we have maskless doofuses gathering in large, tight groups because fuck you I need a haircut.

Even some famous(ly bad) people have come out against simple measures that would protect people. Why? Because they’re assholes.

Detroit Tigers' Aubrey Huff in 2009.
Distended Anal Sphincter With Infected Lesions

The desperate desire to return to lives that will never be the same as they were before COVID, is certainly understandable, but that’s where leadership comes into play.

Like our parents when we’re too young to make rational decisions on our own, the country relies on its leaders to get us headed in the right direction when we aren’t rational enough to do that on our own.

Unfortunately, due to voter suppression, party mismanagement, gerrymandering, racism, the presence of a full blown propaganda network terrifying skittish old white people 24×7, and a few other things we don’t have a lot of leadership right now.

America has entered its “Fall of Rome” slide. A victim of its own success, its people are too unused to even the smallest sacrifice and have been spoiled beyond even the simple ability to care about the health of others. So we are opening back up, folks.

You know he want straight for the hand sanitizer after this meeting ended

Or, I guess I should say, THEY are opening back up. The rest of us are still maintaining social distance, wearing masks, ordering in, watching movies on our big screen TVs. And if we keep that up and they keep going to hate rallies in undersized arenas, maybe the virus will have a positive effect in the long run.

Current Events 61: If You Desire Peace…

The Discovery finally uncovers the secret behind the Klingon cloaking device and Ash Tyler reunites with his one true love! Join us as I make hopeless guesses as to what the hell is going on.

Space Farce

TL;DR: An often very funny yet puzzling comedy from the guys who brought you The Office stumbled out of the gate with some oddly bad judgment, but have 80% recovered as the series progresses.

Spoilers for SPACE FORCE follow.

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Current Events 60: Discovery 1×7

Magic To Make The Sanest Man Go Mad is the very long title of a very good episode. A time loop episode which is my favorite sub-genre of my favorite movie genre: Time Travel movies. Have you seen Time Crimes? You should see it. But before you do that, join me and Mike as we talk about this magic that makes men go mad.

Plague Diary 7: 7 Sick, 7 Vomitous

Did I do that right? I don’t really watch the Fast & Furious movies.

Anyway, we decided to go out to eat and maybe sit on a patio for a nice brunch on Sunday since everything is opening back up. So I just did a quick check to see how well California’s curve has been flattened.

Uh… now hold on just a minute

Nope. Despite our worst efforts and many people not doing anything at all, the virus has not magically disappeared. And more studies now indicate most transmission occurs indoors.

So we got a takeout order and were very grumpy for the rest of the day.

Anti-vaxxers, flat Earthers, Trump’s blind support from people who appear to have eyes and a functioning brain… as someone said on Twitter the other day: It has nothing to do with masks. A certain percentage of our population has had their brains destroyed by poison speech from ideologues who profit from hate to oppose anything that can be associated with this mythical monster call “Da Libs!”

Anything that can be attributed to Da Libs! — generally anything they don’t understand, can’t learn from a headline, or comes from an expert they don’t agree with — they must oppose. Even to their own detriment.

About two million people are going to have to die for the country to gain herd immunity from SARS-COV-2 (and that’s only if it doesn’t mutate) because we can’t get 33% of us to follow simple precautions.

Current Events 59: Discovery 1×6

So Ash Tyler whom everyone is a fool to trust is trusted by everyone because they’re FOOLS. Anyway, he’s now a member of the Discovery crew because Startfleet has the worst opsec of any organization ever. Come listen to us talk about it.