Purge: Election Year

You know how you sometimes go to a party for some innocent fun but you run into a guy who has very strong feelings on a certain subject and he won’t stop ranting at you all night? Even… Read More

ScarJo In The Shell

A large, very vocal population of rightly concerned people have been loudly pointing out that Hollywood has a tendency to cast white actors in the roles of minority characters. This is a brand new practice that started just… Read More

10 Cloverfield Lane

We were supposed to go see Dawn of Justice but a meeting ran too long and the only thing showing at the Drafthouse when we got loose was 10 Cloverfield Lane, a movie I knew nothing about. Turns… Read More

Dune (1984)

I was the one who talked everyone in my unit into going to see David Lynch’s Dune on opening weekend. I was in the military back then, going through intel training in San Angelo. We were all under… Read More

Contest Update

As of today, I am in 3rd place. That’s super good news but there’s still a long way to go. So if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, trying to decide whether my book is worth backing, now’s… Read More

Big Announcement

Okay, guys, here it is: I’ve decided to submit Dangerous Thoughts to the @Nerdist Inkshares competition. “What does that mean to me?” you’re wondering. Well, first off, it means no more serialization here on the site and no… Read More

FFFF #14: Dangerous Thoughts 2.3

Yes, I am quite aware it’s not Friday. And, yes, I am quite aware that my schedule is about as regular as a ferret’s train of thought. Thanks for pointing that out. What follows is Chapter 3 of Episode… Read More

The Force Awakens

In 1999, a friend and I started to notice the advance viral marketing for a movie called The Matrix. There wasn’t much at first, just a few very short commercials that included that amazing scene where Trinity leaps… Read More

FFFF #12: Dangerous Thoughts 2.1

Even though I’ve completed serializing the first episode here on First Friday Free Fiction, I’m still behind in putting together posts so I’m going to continue right on doing it until I catch up. What follows is Chapter… Read More

FFFF #11: Dangerous Thoughts 1.5

I’ve spent so much time working on the Dangerous Thoughts series that I have had zero time to come up with new stories for First Friday Free Fiction. Instead, I’m going spend the next five consecutive Fridays serializing… Read More