How much fun do you think it would be to read the same book over and over again for six months?  A lot of fun or just a whole bunch of fun?  If you chose either of those options, you probably have a repetitive action disorder and should see a mental health professional immediately.

Welcome to the process of rewriting or, as I like to call it, polish drafts.  Not Polish drafts because that would be fun. Them folks make some pretty good Pilsners. No, I’m just taking a moment out to complain about the process of getting a manuscript ready for the editor.

And then, when the editor is done with it, guess what I get to do.  Go ahead, guess.  I’ll wait.

Disney World?  No, muttonchops, I have to read it again so I can get it ready for publishing.

And the weird thing is that when, sometime in the future, someone quotes the book back to me, I will very often not recognize the line they’re quoting because by that time I have put the book out of my mind like a bad dream about spiders having sex with vampire squids.

Dibs on the SyFy movie pitch.

Anyway, I’m almost done with the final pass of Arc of Destruction which means I’m just about ready to send it out to be edited which means I’m probably a month or so away from putting it out there for you to read.

Right after I get off the phone with whoever is doing development at SyFy these days.

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