As the world’s bestest president ever once said, “Fool me once, shame on me…(awkward pause that goes on so long the audience begins to worry he’s choking on his own tongue)… well, you just aren’t going to fool me again.”

For me, the original Terminator movie was an awakening. It was the first time I realized it was possible to tell a moving, emotional story inside of the crazy fun-house of an action movie.  I watched that VHS tape so many times I nearly erased it.

Terminator 2 was the breaking of a second seal.  Whereas most sequels just tell the same story as the first movie in a different location (see every Die Hard movie after the original), the second outing in the Terminator franchise told a completely different story.  It also managed pull off something I would have thought was impossible: the protagonists have a relentless killing machine, an actual T-800 for God’s sake, on their side, and they’re the underdogs.

Rise of the Machines wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t anything new.  Salvation, however, was a complete mess.  I remember walking out of the theater and asking my buddy, “Did they lose a reel?”

“They don’t use reels anymore.  It’s all digital.”

“Maybe it was cloudy,” I said.  “When it’s really cloudy my satellite gets all confused.”

“No, I think we saw the movie they intended.”

“No one could have intended to show that movie.”

So let’s say, just for argument’s sake, that Salvation was Hollywood fooling me once and that the stills the Genisys team released a few months back gave me the very strong impression they were out to fool me again.  They looked awkward and phony and very much like they came from a Direct to Video production by someone like Roger Corman.

NOTE: Before you click on the link to the trailer I inserted below, know that I only watched a few minutes of it before I realized it was one of THOSE trailers where they give away the entire movie.  My advice is don’t click on it, but the choice is yours.

The new trailer on the other hand, has me interested in possibly being fooled again.

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