Imagine if you went to the movies and saw something intense like Fury Road. Then you came home and turned on a double overtime football game.  And then, just to wind down before bed, you watched an episode of Arrested Development.

At some point, you would be gasping for relief.  Intensity is best taken in small samples surrounded by dull patches of otherwise unremarkable time.  You don’t want every entertainment experience to be an 11 any more than you want to pour hot sauce over everything on your plate — and if you do, stop using the second floor bathroom. You’re ruining it for the rest of us!

I have to admit that after a long day of using my brain for work and then a long evening of using my brain for writing (or editing or cover design or publishing or advertising) I have a tendency to choose the least challenging show on my DVR.

I mean, I’m not saying I’ve watched 2.5 Men or anything but I’ve definitely passed over The Americans for an episode of Person of Interest – a show I “watch” while checking Facebook on my iPad.  It was never a very good show but for a couple seasons it raised interesting questions about artificial intelligence and its role in human society.  Mostly now it’s just serial exposition between running firefights.

Or The Big Bang Theory.  I definitely watch that over Mad Men if I’m tired.  Mostly, I just watch baseball.


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