Sexy Evil Genius

I like it when a title tells me everything I can expect to see in the movie.  For instance, if the title has the word “Transformers” in it, I know that the movie will have some kind of robots who grow emotionally from an intense emotional experience.

But sometimes the title, like an over achieving trailer, can give you so much information it spoils the movie.  For instance, that famous whodunit, “The Butler Did It”.

In the case of Sexy, Evil Genius, the title tells you what to expect but not anything about where you’re going to get it or how it’s going to be delivered. Instead, you are treated to 91 minutes of five people talking in a bar.

That came out wrong.  Because this is not a boring movie and you won’t really see anything in it coming your way until it’s too late.  Let me start over:

Five people walk into a bar and only one of them knows why they’re there. For the first part of the story, three of them recount fondly remembered events they shared with the person who has called them there.  Gradually, as they delve into the details of their stories, they begin to realize this person might just be dangerously insane.

Sexy Evil Genius has the look of a play that has been turned into a movie by adding some flashbacks (this isn’t the case, it was written for the screen), but don’t let that dissuade you from watching it.

The title doesn’t just describe the central character of the story.  It also describes the movie itself and everyone involved.

Highly recommended.

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