Black Friday Specials

Yes, Black Friday is coming up and that means waiting in lines, lots of lines. But that’s not the only thing happening over the next six weeks that will land you in downtown boredsville with nothing to do but stare at your hands.

There’s also all that sitting around with relatives trying not to listen to your uncle’s racist conspiracy theories about who really runs the Elks Club. Waiting in line for Force Awakens tickets. Waiting for everyone to shut up so you can open your presents. The list goes on.

Here’s my quick and easy plan to get you through all that restless, boring downtime:

  1. Go to this page and click on the “Read On Any Device” logo under my book.
  2. Install the FREE Kindle Reader software on your phone, your pad, your phablet, your computer, all of it.
  3. Go buy all three volumes of Dangerous Thoughts.
  4. Spend all that downtime reading a rollicking science fiction adventure story.

For a limited time, Volume #1 is free and the other books are zero dollars off. Hurry now, so you can get three books for less than the price of a latte.”

There, I just fixed your holidays!

* When did we enter a latte-based economy where everything is measured by the number of lattes it’s worth? Is that a Starbucks thing? I think maybe I’ve had too much coffee. I’m over thinking it.

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