Dawn of Justice

I could just as well have called this post, “How A Truly Great Trailer Is More Important Than The Actual Movie” but that was too long, almost as long as the title of the movie I’m going to talk about.

I have said before that I am more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy and that, really, the only DC character that holds my interest is Batman. That’s because everybody else either has silly super powers (Can shoot an arrow, can run fast, can hold breath forever) or is invincible (Superman.)

I know, Superman, baseball, apple pie… and on and on but drama is made of conflict and when your hero is nigh indestructible it’s hard to make you really worry about him. Yes, yes kryptonite, I get it. The way that Smallville made it work was to have the conflict come from Clark instead of Superman, to have his teen angst and feeling of being an outsider drive the show instead of giving into weirdo bad guys in costumes.

Until they did give into weirdo bad guys in costumes and that’s when the show went downhill in a hurry.

I said all of that so I could show you how low the chances were that I would go see Batman Vs. Superman: Longness of Title. From the moment I heard they were making this movie, I was thinking in the back of my mind, “Heat ray vision. Short movie. Cut to title sequence.” Then Affleck popped the sitter and all I could think was, “This guy can’t make a comic book movie without stepping on his own dick.” So, on the shelf goes Dawn of Justice which allows me to spend all my time thinking about Episode VII which is as it should be.

Then I saw the trailer for Wonder Woman Vs. Deez Two Guys Right Here and it completely changed my mind. It’s only the trailer, I get that, but the trailer is what gets asses in seats. And I predict this trailer is going to do just that because it answers all the questions dawdling in the backs of minds like mine:

  1. Why is Superman fighting Batman? My feelings are hurt!
  2. How long can it take a Man of Steel to kill a Man Wearing A Cup?
  3. Are they going to make Wonder Woman their secretary again?
  4. And if they aren’t going to fight each other, who could possibly stand up to that team?

This one trailer takes all the potential reasons for not wanting to go see this movie and either counters them or embraces them and then flings them back at your face.

The conflict between the two heroes turns out to have a basis in reality. Superman has a problem with a self-appointed Dark Knight beating the shit out of random criminals in Gotham City without due process of law. Batman is xenophobic (literally) about a super being who could destroy the whole planet with one sneeze being embraced by a democracy that’s supposed to have checks and balances.

And Wonder Woman is gorgeous! Just kidding. I mean, Gal Gadot is obviously and unquestionably beautiful, but she’s also the first WW who looks like she could deck you with an actual punch. I had hoped they would use the new uniform from the comics which lets her were pants but it looks like, in the movies at least, the women with the super powers still have to fight in a skirt and high heels.

Lex Luthor has hair! Oh, my God! This is the biggest news of all.  No, it’s not. But the fact that Jesse Eisenberg is playing him is big news because that guy is always good and reanimating Zod into something truly terrifying gives all the good guys a valid reason to stop infighting and start hiding behind that lady in the short skirt.



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