I’m not an X-Men fan and never have been. I remember reading the comics only occasionally when I was a kid and I have seen only two of the movies (neither of which made much of an impression… Read More

Contest Update

It’s the big President’s Day Sale weekend and since I can’t actually lower the prices, I’m giving away bonus gifts to anyone who pre-orders between now and Midnight CST on Monday Feb. 15th. Pre-order during that time and… Read More

Rejecting Agent Carter

(Not to reiterate the dire nature of our situation as a society, but I’ll just take a moment to remind you that the forces of people who are (probably) pro titty-twister, pro swirly, and anti-D&D are at this very… Read More

Genius Minus One

(Remember, I’m still fighting for my life against the armies of evil and need your support to make sure America is safe from the future. Go here and pre-order my book to do your part in the fight against… Read More

Kill Them. Kill Them All.

(Before we get started, I’m just going to remind you that I’m locked in a cage match of death over at Inkshares and I need your support to get out of it alive. Go here and pre-order my… Read More

Contest Update

As of today, I am in 3rd place. That’s super good news but there’s still a long way to go. So if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, trying to decide whether my book is worth backing, now’s… Read More


I came to science fiction through a wall of shelves filled with paperback books in my father’s office. It was like my own personal library. I could just walk in, peruse the exotic looking covers with their abstract… Read More

Big Announcement

Okay, guys, here it is: I’ve decided to submit Dangerous Thoughts to the @Nerdist Inkshares competition. “What does that mean to me?” you’re wondering. Well, first off, it means no more serialization here on the site and no… Read More