Contest Update

It’s the big President’s Day Sale weekend and since I can’t actually lower the prices, I’m giving away bonus gifts to anyone who pre-orders between now and Midnight CST on Monday Feb. 15th.

Pre-order during that time and you may choose ONE (1) of the following:

1. A character named after you in one of the three books (your choice whether they’re good or evil or just chaotic neutral). Just email me after your pre-order goes through and tell me what kind of character you would prefer and I’ll see where I can fit it in.

2. A bad to terrible poem written just for you on the topic and in the style of your choosing. Just email me after your pre-order goes through and tell me you want the poem to be a sonnet about dog vomit or a haiku about a frozen pizza or whatever. Your choice as long as it’s not offensive (and I get to decide what’s too offensive) and won’t take to long to throw together, i.e. – no epic prose poems about pizza eating shellfish superheroes.

3. A signed JPEG of either me or the cover of my book with a poorly scrawled inscription of your choosing (again, as long as it’s not offensive). Just email your choice and the inscription and I’ll break out MS Paint and get to work. Trust me, it will be ugly. But unique.

I will attempt to fulfill these requests as long as they are reasonable (as defined by me). If not, I’ll work with you to come up with something that is reasonable (as defined by me), otherwise you can cancel your order.

Also, this offer is valid only for people who haven’t already pre-ordered a copy of Dangerous Thoughts.

Hurry and pre-order now to get your free gift before time runs out!

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