The Zack Snyder Problem

Batman vs. Superman: Longest Title Ever has fizzled in the theaters just like Man of Steel that preceded it and yet DC/Warner Brothers is still planning on giving The Justice League movie(s) to him and his monochromatic palette… Read More

ScarJo In The Shell

A large, very vocal population of rightly concerned people have been loudly pointing out that Hollywood has a tendency to cast white actors in the roles of minority characters. This is a brand new practice that started just… Read More

Weight of Crowds

If you come at me with a story about a guy who gets bitten by a radioactive spider and ends up developing some of the physical attributes of a spider, I can get on board. Well, as long… Read More

10 Cloverfield Lane

We were supposed to go see Dawn of Justice but a meeting ran too long and the only thing showing at the Drafthouse when we got loose was 10 Cloverfield Lane, a movie I knew nothing about. Turns… Read More

Dune (1984)

I was the one who talked everyone in my unit into going to see David Lynch’s Dune on opening weekend. I was in the military back then, going through intel training in San Angelo. We were all under… Read More