Purge: Election Year

You know how you sometimes go to a party for some innocent fun but you run into a guy who has very strong feelings on a certain subject and he won’t stop ranting at you all night? Even if you actually agree with him, he’s still a drag to be around.

That’s how I feel about the latest Purge movie. I’m a liberal, a progressive, someone who is extremely worried about the imbalance of wealth and power that has been created by the NeoCon policies of the last 36 years. I get it. I get all of it. But I really don’t need someone to shout it at my face while I’m in the movie theater.

Election Year is only slightly less subtle than a train derailment. It’s filled with stereotypes doing stereotypical things. Characters are what they represent, there is no subtext. It has more cliches than a Michael Bay movie. And it’s not fun. Here is a movie about a night when an entire country goes batshit crazy and, somehow, it’s boring. Really, really boring.

Except when it’s insulting. I’m not going to go into the whole subject of why liberals feel entitled to put the most racist and demeaning lines in the mouths of their characters of color. I’ll just say that the only response to the movie by the audience in this showing was when a black character uttered the line, “I see a whole lot of black people and we just sittin’ here like a bucket a chicken.” And the response was not a positive one.

Bottom line: Don’t waste your money. Go on Facebook and have one of your Aunts forward an ALL CAPS screed from a friend of a friend who knows Mitt Romney’s cousin’s gardener.

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