Star Trek: Beyond

Sigh. Is any Star Trek movie ever going to live up to the original reboot? Probably not. That is damn near a perfect Star Trek movie, in that is about people, about big ideas and it’s more existential than a Star Wars movie.

Into Darkness was… I don’t know what that one was. A mistake, I guess. And they’ve come back strong with Beyond. This is a very good movie. A fun ride, a beautiful thing to look at, but it was a little emotionally flat. For a Star Trek movie.

Part of the problem, I think, is that they paid short shrift to the villain. He’s barely in the movie until the last third and his backstory comes at you fast and furious in the third act like they forgot about it and then just had to shove it in there at the end.

This might be because they wanted to preserve the element of surprise but I don’t know anyone who was surprised by that reveal.

The B-story between Spok and Uhura didn’t really amount to much. Kirk road a motorcycle and there was a cheesy callback to the original’s excellent use of Sabotage. Like I say, it was a good science fiction movie, it just didn’t feel like a Star Trek movie.

It felt like a Fast And Furious movie. Action scenes with a thin layer of emotional context applied as a veneer.

The proof of this, I think, is in how pumped I was when I left the theater but how I never really thought about the movie again until I sat down to write this post a month later.

But it was better than Into Darkness! That’s the real take away here. No matter what else might have been a little bit wrong with it, it was better than Into Darkness.


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