Stan Against Evil

If it is true that the devil is in the details then Westworld is positively diabolical. I find myself watching and re-watching episodes looking for the tiniest clues to the inner workings of what is surely one of the most complex automata ever constructed for the purposes of entertainment.

But sometimes you just want to laugh.

Stan Against Evil, as created by the hilarious Dana Gould, is one continuous verbal pratfall. The always golden John C. McGinley fine tunes his grumbling heart-of-gold-but-crusty-on-the-outside character from Scrubs by just straight up removing the heart of gold. His constant but hysterical grumbling plays perfectly off of Janet Varney’s just-an-inch-away-from-giving-up Sheriff Evie Barrett.

Varney who is pitch perfect in so many supporting roles (You’re the Worst!) finally gets to step out front and take the lead. The way she plays off McGinley’s character could suffice for a post-graduate degree in “acting is reacting.”  She not only delivers her lines with comedic perfection but her facial expressions when dealing with the craziness around her are comedy gold.

The cast is rounded out with more lunatics than you can shake a stake at, including Gould himself as one of the most no questions asked grave diggers the world has ever seen. Deborah Baker Jr. plays McGinley’s grown daughter with the mind of a toddler, an act you would think would get old except they keep feeding her the best lines in any comedy — “White Power Teeth Cleaning” leaps to mind — and Nate Mooney not only plays the best deputy since Barney Fife but also wins the award for the only human who can scream at a higher note than bats can hear.

It’s like Grimm but funny and interesting.

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