Star Trek: Discovery

TL;DR: I love it so Trekkers will probably hate it {shrug}

I grew up on The Original Series, actually watched it as a kid during its first run on our brand new color television,  and I liked the first two movies (yes, even Star Trek: The Motion Picture), but I never watched The Next Generation or Deep Space 9, nor did I watch any of the movies with those casts.

To be honest, I came to the conclusion in the 90s that TOS was dated and didn’t hold up well and that Star Trek, in general, had gotten bogged down into a talky, Shakespeare-quoting swamp of under plotted over acting. In other words, if you’re going to give me a show with spaceships, I’d better see them blowing each other apart in short order.

I was much more a Heinlein kid than an Asimov kid growing up. I wanted big thinks, yes, but I wanted them to happen with blasters blasting and lasers… eh… lasing.

It’s too simple a case to make that I’m a Star Wars fan vs. Star Trek fan, because I think Star Wars got way too thick with the mumbo jumbo and mysticism. So much so they began to verge on being sword and sorcery with light sabers.

Essentially, there wasn’t enough action in my Star Trek and not enough deep thought in my Star Wars.

As I’ve said on here before, I think the 2009 Star Trek reboot may be the perfect film for me. If I’m going to a desert island, I’m taking that movie and Joe Vs. The Volcano and Scott Pilgrim Vs The World with me. I can watch it over and over. As a matter of fact, having typed its name in the previous sentence, I am now required to go watch it again right now. BRB.

Okay, rousing! Such a great film. And so hated by so many Star Trek fans. Why? Not enough talky-talky, too much action. “You can change the names of the characters and it’s just a generic action movie,” is a common complaint. I disagree, but that’s why it’s so good that movies aren’t compulsory.

So now comes a new TV show called Star Trek: Discovery and I have to admit that I had little interest in watching it. Knowing that it was no more than a bargaining chip for CBS to increase subscriber fees to cable/satellite providers mixed with the disappointing experience of Star Trek: Enterprise, I just wasn’t ready to make the commitment. Certainly not enough to subscribe to CBS’s weak ass streaming service that apparently has exactly one show on it.

Now having seen it, I am immediately addicted. This is the best looking Star Trek TV show ever made, I can guarantee you that. It’s also blessed with amazing writing and top notch acting. I’ve only caught the first two episodes so I haven’t seen Jason Isaacs’ character yet, but knowing his work from Harry Potter and The OA, I’m not worried.

Love the new Klingons! This is the warrior race we’ve heard so much about. Scary as hell and about as easy to negotiate with as ISIS.

The character of Michael Burnham is an excellent guide into the Trek universe even if you know nothing about it. Having been raised Vulcan is nice because it basically puts her thinking at odds with everyone else’s.

And setting the story on the verge of going to a war footing is a good idea. The scene where the helmsman, stunned from one of those exploding keyboards Star Fleet is so fond of, says, “Why are we fighting? We’re Star Fleet. We’re explorers” is a nice touch.

All in all, I’m captivated and eagerly anticipating new episodes which can only mean, I assume, that true Trek fans are eating their own livers over how much they hate this show.


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