TL;DR: Sometimes it’s fine to just enjoy yourself at the theater. Cast aside your obsessions and go have a laugh with this gentle, good natured movie.

Spoilers for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle follow.

How to tell if you’re in a video game: Look down at the clothes you’re wearing. If you’re female and you’re wearing a bikini into battle or armor designed to enhance your figure rather than save your life, you are probably in a video game.

To be fair, it’s one of the first tropes the movie explicitly calls out as a nod to the fact that they will be blowing through all the gaming cliches on their way to the Hollywood cliche ending. So yes, this is not a highly original script and you’re never confused by where it’s going, but it is also a funny movie with good acting and some great punchlines.

And sometimes that’s all you need.

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