Why don’t they…

This is a tiny collection of logic holes in science fiction. Now, this is for my personal amusement only. In most cases these holes don’t ruin anything. They’re just fun to think about after the fact. So why don’t they…

…have robots in Star Trek?

It occurred to me while watching humans crawling all over the ship trying to fix things that, as advanced as the technology is 400 years from now, they’re still doing everything themselves. Was there a robot revolution? A Butlerian Jihad of some kind? There are some robots scattered throughout the Star Trek universe, but not the workaday droids we see in Star Wars, machines that would be responsible for the constant upkeep of starships like the Enterprise.

…have relativistic kinetic weapons in Star Wars?

Why do they need a Deathstar? You can get the same effect by hyper-accelerating an asteroid and smashing it into a planet. Just ask the dinosaurs. It wouldn’t require a million soldiers or thousands of vehicles or an exhaust port.

…just have a bomb drop out of hyperspace and explode?

Ships in hyperspace appear to be untrackable in Star Wars. Instead of a WWII style bombing run, why not just have a ship loaded with fissile material drop out of hyperspace among the enemy ships and detonate?

…have armor and air support in the first attack on Klendathu?

This one I’ve complained about before. There is no way a modern army (or future one) would launch a ground assault without support. It was just stupid.

…implant proximity explosives in Replicants?

I mean, they coded incept dates into them. Why not add Escape From New York style explosives in their carotid arteries that pop when they arrive planetside on Earth?

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