Got vs WW

I just started Watchmen on HBO and am astounded at how good it is. Whenever a show like this debuts I wonder if it’s going to be a Game of Thrones type show or a WestWorld type show. Watchmen appears to be of the WestWorld variety.

Game of Thrones was an intense experience I tuned into with addictive frequency to see whom would be killed, banished, or beheaded next. But I never spent time away from the show thinking about the broader implications of the story. It was an entertaining but intellectually disposable soap opera.

On the other hand, I watched each episode of WestWorld every night until the next one came out. I also spent time online chatting about the implications of robots capable of replacing humans, discussing the mystery of the Man in Black, conjecturing on the true mission of the park.

The OA was very much a WestWorld type show. Stranger Things, on the other hand, falls into the Game of Thrones column. There is nothing wrong, by the way, with either column. They are just two different ways of enjoying entertainment. I happen to slightly prefer the way the WestWorld experience delightfully engages my obsessive need to uncover answers to mysteries over spending hours in whispered huddles discussing who killed or boinked whom.

I did come up with one theory regarding Game of Thrones: I feel like the planet it takes place on doesn’t have a wobble and therefore has no seasons. It’s always snowy and cold in the North so when they say “Winter is coming” they mean a periodic glacier or ice age is advancing southward. Shrug.

Anyway, I’ve already started tracking down the extra documents for Watchmen and have begun watching the debut episode every night so I can begin theorizing about what’s going on. It’s very much a WestWorld experience.

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