The Beta Bounce

I just go the comments back from a beta reader for my upcoming dark fantasy. As usual, the results were a mixed bag which is exactly what you hope for. All positive remarks are not the goal here, but some positive remarks nestled within valid criticisms help soften the blow of realizing you’re not perfect.

And, to make things even better, the negatives are clearly delineated and easily fixed while the positives speak to the insecurities common to anyone swimming against a river of careless rejection.

It’s easy, especially if you spend too much time on Twitter or stumble upon a particularly cruel site where agents make fun of query letters, to doubt yourself even though you feel what you’re doing is right. Positive feedback from a beta reader can give your soul the gorp to make it that last ten miles of a very steep incline.

So many inexperienced, uncommitted “writers” now submit their work literally everywhere that agents and editors have become calloused and derisive. Their blind items on Twitter always feel like subtweets against anyone who reads them and that negativity has a way of shutting down the machine.

So I’m unfollowing all agents and industry professionals on Twitter. I know where to find their #MSWL and how to suss out who’s looking for what. The last thing I need is a flow of snide dismissals and caustic blind jabs to distract me from the emotional death march that is manuscript submittal.

Wish me luck.

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