Train to Busan

So I decided to aleveate the boredom of sitting out a slow moving virus by watching a movie about a fast moving one. Right up front, I’ll tell you that I normally shy away from foreign language films because the dubbed version is usually terrible and reading the subtitles can kind of flatten the emotional response for me.

Having said that, action films speak more in visuals than in words anyway and this movie is cram packed with great, pulse-pounding scenes. To name a few:


  1. The uninfected passengers disembark in a supposedly safe train station only to find the military troops have been turned.
  2. The long, grueling fight through three zombie infested train cars to get to the other survivors only to be locked out.
  3. The train engine dragging a carpet of zombies.
  4. Zombies suspended overhead in the windows of a tilted train car.
  5. And then the glass starts to break.

The fact that the story is also heavily themed about wealth inequality makes me think the same thing is going on in Korea that’s going on here. Forty years of runaway, unmitigated capitalism has created an unsupportable divide between the elites and the other 99% of us and it’s seeping into our culture.

If I had one quibble, and it’s a minuscule one, it would be the line about how the virus spread from a biotech firm that is the cornerstone of the fund manager’s account. A little on the nose.

The ruthlessly selfish COO who simply cannot learn that cooperation leads to survival, though? Yeah, I know six guys like that. Perfect.

Four stars out of five moons, highly recommended.

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