Plague Diary 3

When I started this diary, I intended to make a short note every day to keep track of what it was like during America’s first pandemic in a hundred years. I didn’t take into account the drab blur of days that lock down would be become.

There’s not much to write about when not much changes from day to day.

No one we know has been touched by the virus yet, but there is this feeling of existential dread that it’s out there on the wire, probing our defenses, looking for the straggler.

One could argue we are in a better position to ride out a pandemic lock down than any previous generation because of our overpowered houses with internet supplied entertainment, zoom conferences, and delivery services running seven days a week.

But we also have the worst government in the history of this country and fully 40% of the population has decided to bathe themselves in willful ignorance and unsubstantiated superstition rather than accept anything a scientist says.

Whether it’s the pandemic or climate change or if drinking bleach cures what ails you, they seem overeager to believe anything that will trump a scientist’s finding if that finding in any way inconveniences them.

And while the virus rages on, now having killed way more Americans Vietnam — we’re basically having a 9/11 every week now and the GOP is refusing ground the planes — for-profit hospitals are laying off healthcare workers because profits are down.

The idea of going to the hospital right now is so frightening people are dying at home as uncounted victims of the virus. And this just adds to the spike of fear when something that may be a symptom pops up.

My wife had a splitting headache one day and we just sat around and hoped for the best, both of us secretly terrified she had picked up a case of C19 on one of her forays to the grocery store.

Turned out to just be a headache, but for a moment we felt the full weight of our vulnerability. Not just to the virus, but to a poorly managed system geared for profit rather than to support the people it claims to serve.

Whether it’s the GOP holding the government hostage or meatpacking plants not protecting workers or Amazon forcing employees into dangerous situations, the entire system is shaking at the joints. There will be gaps in the supply chain worse than toilet paper and if you think it’s ugly now, it will be worse then.

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