Plague Diary 4

This being allergy season is complicating things in lockdown. Every sneeze, cough, and headache sparks a moment of wondering, “Is this it? Did I touch the wrong thing? Did that cyclist with no mask infect me?”

Besides wondering if we’re infected, we’re also becoming amateur microbiologists with a primary focus on SARS viruses. The sheer amount of information I’ve picked up on how viruses work, how vaccines work & what factors decide how effective they are, to what it will take to produce 300 million doses is mind boggling.

And it’s nothing I ever wanted to know. But, in the same way the President used to be someone you didn’t have to think about every damn day, the virus has commanded center stage. And his politicizing of this tragedy has only increased the amount of time and energy we have to spend on political theater.

The day begins with a rash of headlines mixing the news of the depressing lack of leadership the President and Senate have shown in dealing with this slowly unfolding national tragedy. There’s a pervasive sense among rational people that stupid, ill-informed idiots being manipulated by Fox News and Russia have made themselves into the lever that destroys this country.

Lots of smart people, relying on science and historical evidence, have put forward plan after plan to end the lockdown in a coordinated, planned way that will minimize the second wave of infections. And each plan is met with crowds of unmasked, belligerent idiots demanding the 90% return to their underpaid service jobs so the 10% can get their hair done or be served in a restaurant.

And, of course, data now shows that when they leave their protests to return to the suburbs or rural areas they came from, they take the infection with them.

Prolonging the lockdown that has so inconvenienced them.

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