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I am finally getting around to watching John Wick III. To be honest, I gave it a pass first time around because I loved I & II and was just worried they were going to ruin it by overreaching. Having fired it up and watched the first 22 minutes, I feel like I worried for nothing.

Following are SPOILERS and just random thoughts as I watch:

I love the adherence to the rules of this fictional organization. The murder cartel is run better than our government at the moment.

Jason Mantzoukis! I hope he’s in this movie A LOT.

The knife fight in the knife store is genius. Oldboy level exertion.

Using the horse kicks as a weapon. Love it. Are they going to keep Wick disarmed for the whole movie? That would be interesting.

Lots of humor in this one. I like that.

Nope! He just got hold of a gun and, guess what, he remembers how to use it.

The rites and rituals of this killer elite organization are wonderfully baroque.

Oh, Wick is Romani?

An adjudicator. Huh. They’re firing the manager. That’s funny. Nice plot twist. And the Bowery King? Nice.

Casablanca. The Manager has given him amnesty? Which manager? Oh, of the Casablanca organization.

“You a dog person, John?” Man, is he ever.

This movie isn’t going in any direction I expected. Which is a really good thing for a second sequel. I am completely into this.

Just seeing this location with the guy in charge of Casablanca says, “Get ready for a big set piece.”

The one who sits above the table? Cool. The more they hint at the structure, the more I want to know about it.

Sic balls, Fido!

“He shot my dog.” “I get it.” Nice.

CQC through a castle. The dogs are awesome. Refusing to back off the dog thing and in fact diving in even further is fantastic. And letting Halley and her dogs carry this fight is inspired. We’ve seen John do this stuff a thousand times.

Everybody out of ammo at the same time. Perfect.

This is basically a better version of Gun Kata at this point.

Okay, that suit is bullet proof but is it also air conditioned?

The Bowery Boys not as good at Gun Kata as the Sushi Ninjas are at Sword Fu.

First time seeing a little age in Keanu’s face. What a greeting in the train station. “Stick together kids!”

I’m confused. Who is against him and who is helping him? Or was the Sushi Chef taking out the competition so he could kill John?

Motorcycle chase! Shades of the Crazy 88s.

He disarms himself a lot.

Hey no movie physics. He actually got thrown from the bike and it hurt.

Sushi Chef sitting unreasonably close to John is hilarious. And then going fanbois. Perfect.

Incredible set design.

The bright lights on the guns don’t seem like a very good idea, sort of make them look like targets. Oh, these guys are literally bullet proof.

Hmm, I’ve been kicked in the head during a Tae Kwan Do bout and fighting doesn’t follow, concussion follows.

The two assassins are right. Keanu is getting slower with age. This fight is a little tiresome.

OMG, I just realized zero is the guy from Master Chef! Love they made him an obsessed stalker fan.

Hmm, the return of movie physics with the fall off the Continental.

Jason Mantzoukas and Laurence Fishburne are back. Is this going to be the best movie ending ever? It certainly looks that way.

“Under the table is where shit gets done” should the motto of 2020.

Yes! Best movie ending ever, plus sets up a war between over/under the table in chapter 4. So good. A little too much fighting but mostly excellent.

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