Plague Diary 6: The Enplaguening

We’re about to get our asses handed to us by the virus. The protests against police brutality that have been necessarily sweeping the nation have had the unintended consequence of taking the attention off of the pandemic.

With news organizations shuffling COVID stories to the back burners there is a decided feeling that the virus is gone when, in fact, all we did was flatten the curve a bit by doing the absolute minimum.

  • Florida is purposely misreporting numbers by classifying most of their COVID deaths as pneumonia.
  • Recorded deaths are about to reach 120,000
  • Mortality rate is between 13% and 6%
  • There has been no pause in new cases
  • People have been flooding back to super-spreader locations like casinos, beaches, and shopping malls
  • No one is wearing a mask in public except the protesters.

We’re going to get hit with a massive second wave and everyone is going to blame the protests, but in fact, it will be gamblers at the casinos and the malls and the beaches – gambling with our health – that will be the cause.

And no one is going to have the grit to go back into lockdown in the fall when the virus comes storming back.

The only good news is the rubes are starting to turn on Trump and there is some noise from the military that makes me think it won’t be a slam dunk for him to refuse to leave if he loses.

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