Plague Diary 8: A Good Day To Cough Hard

The graph of new cases/deaths looks like a Wall St. wet dream, but we are opening back up. Why? Because the machine of capitalism thrives on blood. It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with science.

Probably the main driver in the reopen movement has been the Black Lives Matter protests. Those protests drove the pandemic from the headlines for two weeks until the media got bored with the lack of violence and then didn’t return to the pandemic because they were already bored with that.

With craven politicians like Gregg Abbott saying everything is fine just get back out there and the news not banging the drum that everything is in fact even worse than it was in April we have maskless doofuses gathering in large, tight groups because fuck you I need a haircut.

Even some famous(ly bad) people have come out against simple measures that would protect people. Why? Because they’re assholes.

Detroit Tigers' Aubrey Huff in 2009.
Distended Anal Sphincter With Infected Lesions

The desperate desire to return to lives that will never be the same as they were before COVID, is certainly understandable, but that’s where leadership comes into play.

Like our parents when we’re too young to make rational decisions on our own, the country relies on its leaders to get us headed in the right direction when we aren’t rational enough to do that on our own.

Unfortunately, due to voter suppression, party mismanagement, gerrymandering, racism, the presence of a full blown propaganda network terrifying skittish old white people 24×7, and a few other things we don’t have a lot of leadership right now.

America has entered its “Fall of Rome” slide. A victim of its own success, its people are too unused to even the smallest sacrifice and have been spoiled beyond even the simple ability to care about the health of others. So we are opening back up, folks.

You know he want straight for the hand sanitizer after this meeting ended

Or, I guess I should say, THEY are opening back up. The rest of us are still maintaining social distance, wearing masks, ordering in, watching movies on our big screen TVs. And if we keep that up and they keep going to hate rallies in undersized arenas, maybe the virus will have a positive effect in the long run.

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