October Roundup

I have been AWOL from here for a while. I’m finding it difficult to cross the hump when it comes to writing, mostly because my attention seems to be constantly and continuously drawn away by this rapidly unfolding shit show our nation has become.

But I did manage to watch some stuff over the past month so I thought, you know, maybe I would talk about it here as a way to fill space with words the same way we fill our days with distractions, shuffling our feet until this — all of this — is over.

TL;DR: Nothing very good to watch this Halloween season.

When I tell you the marrow of our lives has become infected with the negativity of the zeitgeist reeking from the strange Russian satellite that crashed in our backyard, I mean it has seeped into every pore of our being, including our entertainment.

And that is what I blame this series of dour reviews on more than anything else. That sense of depressing fatalism has had its effect on the creators and the consumers both.

Before I start, let us review how we got here. The West is paying in blood for its original sin. No, not Eve and the apple. That’s bullshit. Our original sin is Colonialism which led to racism to justify race-based slavery and genocide.

This led to a bloody civil war and deep, deep roots of racism in our culture. The Russians spent decades funding organizations like the KKK and the NRA to sow divisions in the fabric of our free society, but it wasn’t until social media splooged into our laps that they found their lever with which they could move the world.

For the last four years, our nation has been held hostage by the dumbest, angriest, most selfish, most short sighted bunch of bigoted racists that the Left’s only available response was to go even more left. Writers, directors, and producers seemed to say, “Oh, really? You want to ‘Make America Great Again’? Well, here’s how great it really was for everyone but you.”

The Colour From Out Of Space

What happened to Nick Cage? I mean, seriously. When did he forget how to act? Or choose projects? This movies is simultaneously boring and impenetrably obscure.

Lovecraft Country

I don’t know much about this because I couldn’t get through the depictions of vicious racism. Not because they lacked authenticity, but precisely because they were extremely realistic. I grew up in the South. I know all those people. I had to bail during episode three.

Monster Land

I don’t come to horror for political discourse or depressing realism. I have plenty of outlets where I’m able to consume more than my share of that stuff. I come to horror for escapism. I don’t want my scary stories to be realistic any more than I want a roller coaster ride to provide a simulacrum of a head on collision.

The three episodes I tried to watch were all dragged down by a lifelessness and lack of energy as they spent time carefully recreating all the social ills we deal with on a daily basis. I couldn’t remain interested long enough to get to the horror I assume was hidden somewhere toward the end of each bite-sized chunk of depression, poverty, misogyny, rape, child abuse, etc.

Hubie Halloween

I am convinced Adam Sandler wakes up one morning and says to himself, “I want to rip off a quickie,” and what he means is he wants to throw together a cash grab of a movie before he returns to bed that night. Made it ten minutes but only because my wife and I each thought the other wanted to watch it.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Three minutes and eleven seconds through the interminable first scene I I remembered how viscerally I hated what these carpet baggers did to The Haunting of Hill House and turned it off.

In Summary

Most likely the major fault here is with me. I find myself watching baseball and old comedies more than anything else these days. But I did enjoy the second season of The Twilight Zone and the latest from Black Mirror so I must be able to find joy in some things. Just not these things.

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