I had this idea once to take all my favorite fight scenes and edit them together into one sizzle reel I could watch when I wasn’t in the mood for a whole story, but still wanted to enjoy… Read More

Current Events 52: Picard 1×9

This week’s episode is the first part of a two part finale entitled Et In Arcadia Ego, which as we all know is Spanish for The In Arcadia Ego. Join us for more incredibly wrong “facts” like this… Read More

Just Plain Fun

One of the things I loved about the late Roger Ebert was that, unlike most critics, he seemed to understand movies are a kind of Swiss Army Knife of media. They serve many purposes. Art, Education, Business and… Read More

Current Events 51: Picard 1×8 – Broken Pieces

We, the audience, finally start getting some answers to all those questions brought up in earlier episodes so we, the podcasters, talk about that. Join us, won’t you?

Current Events Spec Ep #1: Top Ten 20th Century SciFi Series

Oh, no, we’ve done something terrible. That’s right, we’ve settled a long running argument among the nerdosphere by ranking the top ten science fiction TV shows from the 20th century. Sounds implausible, don’t it? Join us to find… Read More

Current Events Ep. 50: Picard 1×7 Nepenthe

It was so good to see our old friends Will Riker and Diana Troi, especially since they finally had the writing to go with their impressive acting chops. Join us as we… talk about it.

Current Events Ep.48: Mandalorian 1×8

Join us as we enthuse — and I mean positively glow — about the season finale of The Mandalorian.

Hunters Season 1

Well, so… that happened. And I’m still sorting out the entire season, one that started so brilliantly and mysteriously then veered into comic book action, until collapsing in a heap for the most artificial surprise ending since an… Read More

Train to Busan

So I decided to aleveate the boredom of sitting out a slow moving virus by watching a movie about a fast moving one. Right up front, I’ll tell you that I normally shy away from foreign language films… Read More

Current Events Podcast 46: Mandalorian 1×7

The Reckoning! The penultimate episode of The Mandalorian’s excellent first season. Join us as we… talk about it.