Once Upon A Time In Groundhog Day

I have been watching and rewatching Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in an effort to get it. I’ve seen the movie ten times now and I must admit it still hasn’t clicked with me. It seems to be a bunch of different movies, none of which are about anything important, all smashed together for a comic run at the end.

SPOILERS for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood follow.

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Current Events 58: Discovery 1×5

Listen up, everyone. It’s time to choose your pain and I would just like thank each and every one of you for choosing our dumb discussion of this excellent episode (featuring Harry Mudd!) to be your pain.

Plague Diary 6: The Enplaguening

We’re about to get our asses handed to us by the virus. The protests against police brutality that have been necessarily sweeping the nation have had the unintended consequence of taking the attention off of the pandemic.

With news organizations shuffling COVID stories to the back burners there is a decided feeling that the virus is gone when, in fact, all we did was flatten the curve a bit by doing the absolute minimum.

  • Florida is purposely misreporting numbers by classifying most of their COVID deaths as pneumonia.
  • Recorded deaths are about to reach 120,000
  • Mortality rate is between 13% and 6%
  • There has been no pause in new cases
  • People have been flooding back to super-spreader locations like casinos, beaches, and shopping malls
  • No one is wearing a mask in public except the protesters.

We’re going to get hit with a massive second wave and everyone is going to blame the protests, but in fact, it will be gamblers at the casinos and the malls and the beaches – gambling with our health – that will be the cause.

And no one is going to have the grit to go back into lockdown in the fall when the virus comes storming back.

The only good news is the rubes are starting to turn on Trump and there is some noise from the military that makes me think it won’t be a slam dunk for him to refuse to leave if he loses.

Current Events 57: Discovery 1×4

“The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry” really says it all. With a title like that, do you even need a podcast about it? Of course, you do! Join us as we ask the knife how much it cares about the lamb.

Plague Diary 5

I’m not religious and I don’t believe in God, but I did just read an article that uses direct quotes from Revelations to prove Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ. And I’m here for it.

Three short years ago we were in an economic expansion (not a great one, but still, as handcuffed by wealth inequality as this country is, what can you expect?), we had a massive pandemic preparedness effort in place, and our cities weren’t on fire.

This weekend found Americans trying to decide between social distancing and protesting police violence while almost 40 million workers tried to figure out how to stretch $1200 for six months.

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Current Events 56: Discovery 1×3

We’re done with the two hour cold open as Michael Burnham finally joins the Discovery (and Lorca’s monomaniacal path to redemption). Join Mike and me as we gear up and talk about it.

The Voice of the Unheard

The difference between today and 1967 when the Kern Commission found that cops intentionally sparked conflict in protests to both discredit the protesters and give themselves a chance for a baby’s day out of ultra-violence is that today everyone out there had a camera and we now have clear video of police attacking peaceful protesters before going on a full scale rampage.

Every video of a cop smashing a peaceful, sign-holding protester with a billy club drives the younger generations, Millennial and Z, further away from the thinking of the mentally and spiritually broken Baby Boom “leaders” who run this country like a banana republic.

I still have optimism for the future of this country, but we are going to have to go through a lot of shit to get there.

Current Events Special: Top 10 Pre Star Wars

We thought it was going to be easy, but we were wrong. Especially considering how much incredible science fiction the 1970s turned out. Tune in, turn on, and drop out as we lay some heavy stuff on you man: The Top 10 Best SciFi Movies Pre-Star Wars.

39 Minutes Of Top 10 Action

Top 10 Methodology

Mike and I are putting together our lists of the top ten SF movies before Star Wars (so nothing after 1976). My first concern when we came up with this idea was how I would find nine movies other than 2001: A Space Odyssey. I just didn’t remember much worthy science fiction from those decades.

The actual problem turned out to be an embarrassment of riches. Even after culling what I could, I still have over two dozen movies to winnow down to ten.

Here, as they say, is where my head is at.

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Current Events 55: Discovery 1×2

Join us as we talk about what has to be the longest cold open in television history wherein Star Trek: Discovery spends two entire episodes introducing us to Michael Burnham’s past before they even get into the story they’re going to tell us.

Discovery 1×2