The Center Does Not Hold

I love all the Mad Max movies, even that redheaded stepchild Beyond Thunderdome, but the one I find most disturbing, even more so than Fury Road, is the original. All the other movies take place in a de… Read More

Found Treasure

I’ve been fascinated by these pop-up libraries appearing in neighborhoods where everyone could afford to just buy any book they want. At first, I figured it was some conspiracy to destroy the livelihoods of mid-list writers, but now… Read More

The Stand (Redux)

You’ll often hear Stephen King described as a “cinematic writer”, someone whose work is so visceral and visual it can be turned directly into a screenplay without much effort. So the question comes to mind, “Why does Hollywood… Read More


TL;DR: I liked the American version better, but both are insidious in their ability to make you empathize with the villain and question the behavior of the protagonists. Spoilers for both versions of Utopia after the jump.


I rail quite a bit about movies being overly long, but the more I think about it, the more I believe the boredom of many modern films has more to do with bad storytelling than length. Runtime can… Read More

Podcast Episode #100

I can’t believe we’ve reached this milestone, but it’s true. We put our 100th podcast in the can. And upcoming in episode #101, we rank the Star Wars movies. Yeah, I know, so stupid, right? Join us, won’t… Read More

The Prequels, Revisited

As you all know, the podcast episode where Mike and I rank the Star Wars movies is coming up and that has caused me to have to watch the prequels all the way through. The fact that they… Read More

The Phantom Menace

TL;DR: Revisiting an objectively bad movie did not improve the movie. I tell this story often because 1) it’s funny to me and 2) it’s about someone I viscerally hate, an embezzler and saboteur who destroyed a company… Read More

The One Off

I have managed to exist in six decades as a Bond fan without ever having seen On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This has now been rectified and I have a lot to say about my fee-fees on this… Read More

October Roundup

I have been AWOL from here for a while. I’m finding it difficult to cross the hump when it comes to writing, mostly because my attention seems to be constantly and continuously drawn away by this rapidly unfolding… Read More