Books By Me

Vengeance Season

The Vengeance Season is a classic private detective novel that takes place in the Los Angeles of 1946. Roy Doyle has returned from the war as a stranger with no home, no prospects, and little hope, as shadowy figures and odd circumstances conspire to move him into the world of the private detective.

Girl Unseen

A Girl Unseen is the story of Lou Campanella, a low rent gumshoe at the end of his shelf life, who takes on unwinnable cases so he can soak his clients for as much as he can. His easy, intellectually lazy life comes crashing down when he gets involved with a high maintenance party planner who holds the clues to the mystery of a missing Austin socialite.

Answer Man

The Answer Man is about¬†Vanya, a Russian interrogator who always gets the information he’s after. It’s up to his victims how long that takes and how much pressure must be provided. But when he opts not to terminate an innocent bystander caught in the vicinity of one of his operations, he sets off a chain of events that has repercussions across the globe.