Lockwood & Co

I’m only one episode in on this Joe Cornish series and I can already tell this is not your standard YA fare. While its protagonists are teens, the story is more Dickens than Rowling.

Great and deep characterization, a slow reveal of the problem and the rules of the universe, and a truly great director of photography make this series a true grownup delight.

FYI, I don’t have anything against YA. I’m just tired of everything I watch revolve around high school. I did high school. I loved it, had a great time. But all my personal adventures took place AFTER high school.

Anyway, watch Lockwood & Co. You will not regret it.

EDIT: And I must add, in the post-Harry Potter deluge, much of the YA on offer, regardless of the medium, was just dreck. As with any genre, some of it is awesome and much of it is oatmeal.

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