Gross Omens

Just remembered, for reasons I’m not clear on myself, that Ira Levin’s excellent (and brutally short) novel, “This Perfect Day” predicts the rise of the monstrous, galaxy-brain tech moguls.

He got that pretty much right, along with their overweening desire to completely control the entire population through grossly invasive means, but I’m hoping one of his predictions fails to materialize.

Late in the book, Chip the protagonist meets Wei, the head programmer who controls everything through his administration of the massive computer complex UniComp, who has achieved clinical immortality by having his head cut off and attached to younger bodies periodically.

So, if you don’t want to see Elon Musk’s flabby, decaying head perched atop a young bodybuilder’s shoulders as he announces he’s invented a chemical combination called di-hydrogen-monoxide that’s going to disrupt the monolithic hydration industry a hundred years from now, act fast to destroy UniComp now.

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