I realized as I was updating my About Me section on this derelict website that I started this to keep track of my serious, hellbent-for-leather attempt to get a foothold in genre publishing. So, let’s start with where we were and then move on to where we are in that effort.

I began this drive over twenty years ago, but I had to overcome some serious hurdles to get to where I am today. The most prominent of which was how much I preferred writing to submitting my work. I love writing. I know some people say they love having written, but I actually love the process of writing. Add a strong distaste for rejection and you end up with a destructive cycle where I would write a book, submit it to twenty agents, all of whom would pass, and I would just start a new novel. As a result, I ended up with way too much product and no sales.

This year I came across tweet that mentioned an agent was starting a club for writers whose novel had collected 100 passes. I didn’t even know there were a hundred agents. Now with a better understanding of how the market has changed since 1979 when I got my first publishing contract, I decided this year I would submit my work to all the agents in all the countries. No more new work until I get a yes.

I had to modify that rule because I really do love writing and I had a great idea for a grisly horror novel that just couldn’t wait. Now I have to buy writing time with submissions. If I can get a submission out during the day, then I get my full writing time otherwise I have to make a submission before I start typing.

I have two novels completed, rewritten, polished, and sent to editors; one fantasy and one horror. The fantasy novel is back from editing with glowing reviews and I have started the submittal process. So far, I have around 70 passes — some of which were “good but not for me” and the rest automated responses of no value.

The horror novel is currently with a developmental editor, a NY Times best selling author, whose comments are due next week. Once I make the recommended changes (that I agree with) I will begin the same arduous journey with that one.

More updates as things happen.

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