X is a throwback to a different kind of horror movie. In the 1960s & 1970s, we got a flood of inexpensive, quick, bloody films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Last House on the Left, Don’t Look In The… Read More


Sigh… I hate getting older. At the height of my powers, I could have watched Barbarian and Knock At The Cabin in a double feature. But this guy? This old guy? It took me three sessions to get… Read More

Proto Bond

Bored last night, I was digging around in HBO Max’s nether regions when I came across the entire Bond collection. I had only ever seen part of Dr. No when I was a kid so I decided to… Read More

Lockwood & Co

I’m only one episode in on this Joe Cornish series and I can already tell this is not your standard YA fare. While its protagonists are teens, the story is more Dickens than Rowling. Great and deep characterization,… Read More

The Right One

I was having a conversation about favorite horror movies today when the subject of Let The Right One In came up. It was the opinion of the majority that Eli loved Oskar, but I’ve always felt she had… Read More

Episode 3

Craig Maizin’s adaptation of the video game The Last of Us has been fantastic so far, but I have been worried about the repetitiveness of the video game seeping into the story telling. After Episode 3, I no… Read More

I blew it up

Yes, I did it again. I blew away the blog. To me, blog posts and tweets should be ephemeral.